Anti Theft Screws for License Plates

The importance of anti theft screws for license plates cannot be stressed enough. Just recently I went through the unfortunate event of having my license plate stolen off my car. This happens more often than you would’ve thought. I left my car parked on the street overnight and came back to discover the license plate was gone. This is something that could have been avoided by using anti theft screws. Lesson learned!

Functionality of Anti Theft Screws

The way that anti theft screws work is simple. These screws have a non-standard pin design making them inaccessible using regular screwdrivers. Instead they have a customized pin which makes them more secure. This is similar to how some rims have a special bolt needed to unscrew them.

Anti-Theft License Plate Screws Fastener Kit by OttoSpeed

These anti theft license plate screws from Ottospeed are the best I have come across. 

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Why I recommend them:

  • Secure design
  • Stainless steel rust proof material
  • Affordable price
  • Includes screw covers for a clean look
  • Includes anti-vibration foam pads to reduce noise


Q1: What is the diameter of the screws?

A1: ¼” Diameter

Q2: What is the length of the screws?

A2: ¾” Length

Q3: What is the size of the screw covers?

A3: ¾” in Diameter

Additional Accessories for Your License Plate

A silicon license plate frame is a great addition to complete the look. This license plate frame is not only a sleek design, it’s also anti-scratch, anti-rust and won’t distort out of shape.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I think anti theft screws are a must for license plates. They’re a simple addition which make a huge difference in terms of security and peace of mind. Be sure to install them onto your license plate as soon as possible!

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