Best Headlight Restoration Kits – Top 3

From time to time our car’s headlights tend to become foggy, hazed or simply dirty. Luckily for us, headlight restoration kits are a great way to solve this issue both effectively and efficiently.

1) Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

Key Feature: Highest ratings and customer satisfaction

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Sylvania’s headlight restoration kit was one of the first available and has proven to do its job. This product has a history of customer satisfaction which makes it a great go to and one of the best headlight restoration kits available on the market.

2) Meguiar’s Headlight Renewal Kit

Key Feature: Power Drill attachment

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Meguiar is a household name in the automotive products industry and known to produce high quality items. This particular headlight restoration kit by Meguiar comes with an added polishing puff which can be used with a power drill for an extra fine finishing touch.

3) Turtle Wax Headlight Cleaning Kit

Key Feature: Cheapest option

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Turtle Wax is another brand known to make good automotive enhancing products. This cleaning kit includes a headlight cleaning liquid, a microfiber cloth and a heavy-duty scrubbing puff. Its price point while including all these items makes the Turtle Wax headlight cleaning kit the most cost effective option out of the list.

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