Best Wheel Rim Protectors – Turtle Wax Review

Ever find yourself hitting those pesky curbs and scratching your rims on sidewalks when parking? It happens to the best of us. A great way to prevent your wheels and rims from getting damaged is with the use of rim protectors. In this article I will be discussing the use of rim protectors as well as the best I’ve been able to find on the market. Spoiler: It’s the Turtle Wax Rim Protector

Grey rim protectors seen on a Mercedes G Wagon

Do Rim Protectors Work?

Rim Protectors definitely work! They give your rims that added protection to help fortify them against curb damage. Having rim protectors will give you that much needed peace of mind when you accidently hit your rims on the side of a curb. Over time rims tend to get damaged with scratches from constant impact on sidewalks which can be easily prevented with the help of this small addition to your wheels. For this reason I always recommend rim protectors to everyone. 

How Do You Put on a Rim Protector?

Before installing, the most important aspect is thoroughly cleaning your rims. I cannot stress this enough. Most complaints for rim protectors that you will see is for them falling off or not sticking properly. This can be easily avoided by properly cleaning your rims before applying the rim protectors. Once your rims are clean now you are ready to install the rim protectors.

Rim protectors are fairly simple to install. They come as a strip of protector which you line up to the edge of your rims and slowly apply all around the rim until you get to the end. Then you cut the excess and add the included tab to cover the seam. Voila you have now installed rim protectors onto your rims.

Here’s a YouTube video to show you how’s it’s done if you are a more visual learner:

Turtle Wax Rim Protector

The brand Turtle Wax is known to make all around great car related products and their rim protectors are no exception. These protectors work on rims with both flat or rounded lips and on rims measuring up to 24”.

Turtle Wax rim protectors come in 3 colors to best compliment your car. Black, Red and Silver. The kit also includes alcohol wipes to clean your rims before application as well as super glue to properly seal the rim protector at the ends.

As I previously mentioned, properly cleaning your rims before applying rim protectors is crucial to making sure they last and are able to do their job to the full extent. Here’s what Amazon buyer Neloangelo.rj said about the Turtle Wax Rim protectors he applied on a 2018 Nissan GTR:

“Officially 182 mph and they didn’t come off.. The cleaning is very important, Make sure to follow the rim edge when pressing on, and I let mine sit for 2 days before driving. My rims had 0% damage when I applied these so I know I got a good seal. They look amazing and hold at high speed. As long as you don’t rush the job and do it right, these work!”

That being said, I would definitely recommend you give Turtle Wax rim protectors a try. You will be happy and your rims will love you for it.

Turtle Wax Rim Protector

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An added feature or ascetic advantage, as I like to call it, is the ability of rim protectors to give your car’s appearance that extra pop in color. As you will see in the examples below, an accent of color around your rims will definitely make your car stand out in a subtle but flattering way.

Closing Thoughts

As you read the many advantages that come with having rim protectors installed on your wheels this addition to your car is certainly one I would advise. They protect your rims from unwanted scratches while at the same time giving your car an overall sleek appearance. Win win on all accounts!

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