How to Remove Ink from Leather Car Seats

Getting ink on your car seats can be one of the most annoying things in the world! No matter how careful you are there’s always that one clumsy friend whose butterfingers slip and ruin the beautiful leather seats of your car. Or better yet if you have toddlers in your car all the time then ink over your precious car seats becomes a common occurrence.

Can I get ink out of leather?

Luckily for you, in most cases ink can be taken out of leather. Some ink stains are worse than others but with the right products this problem can be taken care of.

Magic Ingredient

To easily get ink out of leather the magic ingredient to look out for is Alcohol Denat. This is basically just denatured alcohol which is commonly used in skin care products to give them a lighter feel and make it easier to apply them. Fortunately for us, Alcohol Denat does wonders in removing ink stains from leather.

Household items that contain Denatured Alcohol

Some items you can find around the house that contain denatured alcohol are the following:

(ingredients for Tresemme Hairspray referring Alcohol Denat as 40-B)

(ingredients for Lynx aka Axe containing Alcohol Denat)

Banana Boat Sunscreen Spray

This popular brand of sunscreen contains Alcohol Denat in its sprays but not in the lotion forms so be sure to check the ingredients before using.

Materials needed to remove ink from leather

The only materials needed to remove ink from leather are:

  • A product that contains Alcohol Denat
  • Old cloth or rag

Step by Step process

Simply apply the product containing Alcohol Denat to the ink stained area of the leather. Wait a few seconds to let the Alcohol settle in. Then rub with the cleaning cloth in a circular motion. Finally wipe off any residue and you are good as new!

If you have other tips and tricks that worked for you feel free to share them in the comments below.

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