Ozium Odor Eliminator Review – Gel & Spray

The Ozium brand is well known to make great odor eliminating products. In this article I will be discussing the different variants available on the market, how well they work and the best option to use for each situation.

Ozium Spray vs Gel? 

Ozium offers odor eliminators in spray and gel forms. Both being very effective, the distinct difference between the two options comes down to preference. That being said, even if you prefer one option over the other, in some cases the spray will be more effective whereas in some cases the gel will be more effective.

The Ozium spray, also known as the Ozium Air Sanitizer, is more practical when it comes to quickly eliminating odor around the house, at an office space or when cleaning out your car. Since air freshener sprays come in aerosol cans it is not advised to keep them in your car due to their flammable nature. For this reason the Ozium spray isn’t ideal to have around in your car to eliminate odor. That’s where the Ozium gel comes in.

The Ozium gel is great for eliminating odors and removing smoke from everywhere and anywhere. This gel works by simply opening the container and placing it wherever you need to get rid of bad smell. Not only limited to bedrooms, bathrooms and offices this product can also be effectively used to get rid of odor in your car. Unlike the spray version, the Ozium gel can be left in your car and in this way rid any odors and smoke smell. 

Does Ozium really work? 

Both the Ozium spray and the Ozium gel work great and get the job done! Some would say they work too well in the sense that you are left with a strong cleaning product smell. This can be mitigated by controlling the amount of product you use. Start with small amounts and add more as needed. 

The spray not only freshens the space it’s sprayed in but it also deodorizes the air by reducing the bacteria present. The gel is quite strong and effective in removing odors. I would advise starting by using one container and then assessing if you need more as it can get overwhelming for some users if excess Ozium gels are used simultaneously. 

Does Ozium Get Rid of Cigarette Smell? 

Yes indeed! Getting rid of cigarette smell is one of the qualities that Ozium has become popular for. Rightfully so since Ozium definitely gets rid of cigarette smell quite effectively. Compared to other aerosols, I’ve found the Ozium spray to prove itself more effective than its competitors when it comes to getting rid of cigarette smell. If you are using the Ozium gel then you will most likely need more than one container in a single space to properly fight off cigarette smell. Placing one Ozium gel at each corner of your room will rid cigarette smell in no time.

How Long Does Ozium Linger?  

The Ozium spray lingers for a good while as aerosol sprays usually do. The Ozium gel releases consistent fragrance and depending on your use can last from 1 to 2 months. Heat will play a role in how long the smell lasts but it’s safe to say you will get at least a month’s use out of the Ozium gel.

Where to Buy

Ozium products can be found on Amazon as well as your local hardware stores. To receive these products from the comfort of your home go to the links below.

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